À quoi sert un plug anal ?

The functions of the anal plug

His role ? The plug is more of an accessory to prepare for anal penetration than an object of pleasure. Once inserted, it gradually relaxes the muscles around the anus .

“It also aims to overcome the fear of anal penetration in certain people,” explains Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, sexologist. When fear is tamed, penetration becomes commonplace and sexual partners can listen to their pleasure. »

The anal plug is then used in particular to reach a sensitive area around the prostate . Through the anus, the plug touches this peri-prostatic region, filling it completely.

It can also be used:

  • as a dildo when inserted into the anus or vagina to achieve stimulation and arousal;
  • by a single person who keeps it on them while they engage in other activities, or even in the presence of others, in order to experience pleasure without it being seen.

If it can be used in the anus as in the vagina , the dimensions of the plug are more adapted to the anus.

The anus must be prepared, for example by a massage accompanied by lubricant. The plug is also coated with lubricant and inserted gently. After a few seconds, the muscle relaxes and adapts to the toy. Without pushing it further, you can turn it on itself by gradually widening the circles.

Little by little, the pressure on the muscle will decrease and the plug can be inserted a little further. If for some, this simple penetration is sufficient, for others, a back and forth movement will be required because it stimulates the anal wall, which is very sensitive.

Anal penetration is safe if prepared correctly. Also, the plug helps the anus to gradually dilate thanks to its conical shape.

“The use of the plug presents risks, in particular that of tearing of the rectal tissues in the case of anal stimulation,” explains Dr. Sylvain Mimoun. The use of a lubricant is therefore strongly recommended. »

In contact with biological fluids (notably blood, stools, vaginal secretions), the object can be a vector of sexually transmitted infections . It is also recommended not to put the plug in the anus and then in the vagina. The object must be washed after each use with antibacterial soap.

Plugs for all tastes

In PVC, latex, metal, silicone, wood… there is something for everyone!

The anal plug is made up of a wide and rather flat base, a wide part then a narrowing and a fine ending, with a round tip. The base can be a suction cup , but more generally it is a base remaining on the outside, essential to prevent the plug from remaining in the anus.

Other forms of plugs exist:

  • stimulation plug with anatomical dimensions ;
  • large plug for certain sexual games (anal fisting).

Some plugs are vibrating.


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