Pourquoi le Womanizer est-il aussi populaire?
1 – The big difference is the “suction”
Unlike regular vibrators, which vibrate, the Womanizer is made to create a micropulse/suction effect directly on the clitoris. Young women we spoke to (and whose names we changed to respect their privacy) find that it makes all the difference.
“I'm super comfortable with my sexuality and open to trying lots of things, but I never really liked masturbating, especially as I preferred penetration. But, having received so many life changing reviews from my friends, I had no choice but to try! Let's say that some have learned to bake their bread during a pandemic; I learned to give myself orgasms in abundance,” Maria explains.
Cynthia got one a month ago, after noticing that it was very popular among her friends, and she was also surprised by the result. “It’s really a different type of toy for women, far from the classic vibrators and the like. [...] Very effective for women who are especially clitoral and a good complement or playmate for couple moments."
“It relaxes the nerves instead of violating them with a direct vibrator,” describes Annabelle.
2 – The wife of the inventor of the device tested it for several years
It probably won't influence your purchasing decision, but we think the story is worth noting: the Womanizer was created in 2012, when Michael Lenke – a German inventor aged 65 at the time – I read a study that stated that one in two women had difficulty reaching orgasm.
He saw great business potential there, and he was right.
We thank his wife Brigitte, who tested the product for 2 years before the result was satisfactory!

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