What are sex toys for men?

As the name suggests, this kind of toys are designed for men to have fun. Women may have vibrators and dildos , but there are a whole range of products for men that work the same way. With their favorite sex toys, all men will be able to reach their peak of pleasure! It goes without saying that everyone is different and it follows that everyone has their particular desires. MTPlaisir presents a selection of sufficiently varied products (shape, color, size) for everyone to find what they are looking for!

Which sex toys for men can I choose from?

For men, the opposite of vibrators and dildos has been developed. In particular, the famous masturbator , designed for penetration, will make you feel the same sensations as during a real sexual act. You can choose from a large selection of openings that have the shape of a vagina, a mouth or an anus. Of course, this toy isn't just for men! Where women get a lot of pleasure by stimulating their g-spot, men also have a secret pleasure zone hidden in their anus… You can stimulate this zone using a prostate stimulator , you will reach an orgasm out of common!

Experience sumptuous sensations with your partner when you use a duo vibrator (for wonderful vibrations), sex swings (for playful sex) or sex straps (for naughty positions). You will quickly discover the many possibilities of the world of toys for men!

Which toy is best for me?

This is a very personal question, you are the only person who can answer it! One way to find out the answer is to choose the sensitive areas of your body that you like to stimulate. For example, you can make masturbation and penetration more intense by wearing penis rings. This accessory retains and blocks the blood circulating in your penis, so that you stay aroused as long as possible! If you want to try anal contact with your partner and a toy, we recommend anal plugs.

Want masturbation to be an even more special experience? Then the fleshlight masturbator, soft and stretchy, will not disappoint you! It includes a variety of studs and ridges inside, which will help stimulate your penis. Most fleshlights come in the form of female openings, like the majority of onaholes. By using models inspired on fleshlight girls , you simulate the sexual act with the most renowned porn actresses on earth. For gay and bi men, we offer fleshjack masturbators . These are molded from the sexiest men in the gay porn industry. No matter which toy you choose, don't forget to use lube for a pleasant and safe experience.

How do I preserve my toy?

To enjoy your toy for as long as possible, it is important to keep it in pristine condition. It is absolutely necessary to clean your toy after each use in order to avoid infections. Fortunately, at MTPlaisir, you will easily find a toy cleaner which will make your job easier!