Les différents types de vibromasseurs et à tous les prix


Vibrators are available in unique and unprecedented ranges. So that every woman, every thirst, every craving is satisfied. Because every woman should have her own vibrator, they have to match everything their future mistresses want.

Toys from 5 to 25 cm, coloured, soft, hard, mostly in extra soft silicone and always controlled, in a Sexy Chic or more classic design with a realistic finish, there is something for everyone! The technology allows via a simple remote control or an application for the connected sex toy to adjust the speed, mode and vibration program.

And if these sexual stimulators are constantly evolving, it is for one and the same purpose: to make those who adopt them enjoy again and again.

If you break the word down, a vibrator is simply a massager with a motor that allows the object to vibrate. The aims are either therapeutic, or slimming, or sexually stimulating. Basically, Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville had invented the eponymous hammer for the sole purpose of relieving muscle pain. Very quickly, many other doctors, still very little open to female sexuality, diverted it to "treat hysteria" in women by masturbating them.

Fortunately, things have changed since the end of the 19th century. It will have taken time, but female sexuality can finally flourish freely. And the objects available to their fantasies are more and more important and more and more sophisticated, perfectly meeting the needs and desires of women. From the Wand to the Womanizer, a few decades of pleasure are available to you


Still, if you are new to sex toys, the range of toys available to you may seem impressive. Between clitoral stimulators, penetrating vibrators, Rabbits, connected sex toys, vibrating geisha balls, realistic ones, those with a rotary motor, vibrating anal plugs, it's actually easy to get lost. Above all, it is therefore your sexuality that governs the choice of the sex toy of your desires.

A vibrating dildo aims to stimulate your G-spot when a clitoral stimulator expresses all its raison d'être in its name alone. A Rabbit allows you to play with both your clitoris and your vagina. As for the vibrating anal plug, there is no need to specify its use. Some vibrators are for exclusive use. Others therefore allow you to stimulate two erogenous zones at the same time. Still others can spice up your couple relationships.


In your choice, notions precisely related to the design of the object will also intervene, such as the shape, the texture, the size, and the discretion which inevitably results from it. The star is the pink or black vibrator. A clitoral stimulator that borrows its appearance from a tube of lipstick is easier to transport and much more discreet than a realistic 30 cm long dildo. In the same way, a connected vibrating pebble, or vibrating geisha balls remain invisible and imperceptible to the daily surroundings.

In addition to the discretion of the object, which strictly depends on the use you want to make of it, the textures are important. Note that more and more vibrating sex toys are made from 100% medical silicone, totally hypoallergenic, and of incomparable softness. But depending on the shapes and colors you are looking for, you can also find them in metal, Jelly and even ceramic. It all depends on how crazy you are and/or how comfortable you are on the job.


Note that vibrators have slightly different functions. If the Wands are plugged in and connected to the power outlet (with a long enough power cord, don't worry), most vibrators use batteries or batteries. Modern dildos are rechargeable via a simple USB socket. Another notable difference in the use of vibrators; the independence of the hands. Depending on whether you prefer to act yourself directly on the areas to be stimulated or whether you want to keep your hands free, different toys are available to you.

While a Rabbit requires action with one or even both hands, a vibrating egg even allows you to move normally. In addition, connected sex toys are linked to a smartphone application. You therefore control your vibrator directly from your mobile phone. You can activate it whenever you want, choose automatic modes, in time with the music you hear, or direct it with simple swipes or taps on your smartphone screen. In another genre, vibrating suction cup dildos, which can be fixed on any wall, also allow you to enjoy your pleasure hands-free.

By offering you a complete range of vibrators, MTPLAISIR allow you to express your sexuality as you wish. You are free to enjoy your moments of pleasure. Vibrators give you this opportunity to experience new orgasms, new fantasies, new paths to seventh heaven. Let yourself go at home, with a realistic vibrating Wand or Dildo. Pleasure yourself discreetly, with a vibrator the size of a pen or a pendant, during your downtime. Give control of your vibrating roller to your partner and let yourself be surprised. Or feel the pleasures of a good hot bath, with a vibrator...